26 August, 2018

If you want me to make a ranking for this travel in Austria and Czech Republic, the Königssee will be ranked first.

And this time we went to Königssee, it was still raining. Even the rainy days is so beautiful, and it should be more beautiful when it is sunny!

How to go to Königssee

Compared to Hallstatt, the traffic to Königssee is really much simpler and more cost-effective.

This time, we stayed in Salzburg and arranged a day trip to Königssee .

If you live in Munich, Germany, there is also a local tour pick-up, you can refer to this [Link]

Salzburg - Berchtesgaden 

The easiest way to get from Salzburg is to take the bus.

First, take bus No. 840 in Salzburg and take the bus 841 or 842 after arriving at Berchtesgaden in Germany. Then, the terminal is Königssee.

Berchtesgaden and Königssee are the final station of No. 840 bus and No. 841/842 bus respectively. Don't worry about forget to get off.

It is more important to pay attention to take No. 840 bus in Salzburg is not in bus station in front of Salzburg train station. You should find G platform for No. 840 bus.

After leaving the station, go to the right hand side and you will see Starbucks and McDonald's.

After McDonald's, there is a road, crossing the street is H&M.

Follow this road, look to the right hand side, there is a flyover connecting 2 buildings

On the side close to H&M, under the FORUM1 sign, pay attention to find out, there is a bus stop.

Congratulation! Here is G platform.

Please refer to below picture for location of each platform.

Bus timetable can be found at the following line

[840 bus timetable] [841 bus timetable] [842 bus timetable]


"Montag bis Freitag" stands for Monday to Friday, "Samstag" stands for Saturday, "Sonntag" stands for Sunday, don't find the wrong time table.

Because the first bus of Saturday is 9:15, we chose the earliest bus and expect to arrive at 10:04.

The bus will basically arrive early, so it is recommended to arrive about 20 minutes earlier, because if it is too late, the bus will be full.

There aren't a lot of seats. If you arrive late, you have to stand for an hour.

Like what we took, bus are finally full. Many people are standing all the way from Salzburg to Germany.

When you get on the bus, buy a RVO one day ticket directly with the bus driver (Das Tagesticket der RVO)

The ticket you can take all route, back and forth, only €10.

-- From January 2018, the RVO one-day ticket is adjusted as follows:

The adult one-day ticket has risen to € 10.2, the child ticket is € 6.4 (under 14 years old), and the family ticket is € 24

The so-called family ticket means those who can buy it, two adults with 2 children.

Or parents with their own children (not limited to a number), or grandmother with a maximum of 2 children.

[RVO One day pass - Official Website]

Because we just sat in the seat behind the driver and found that the German bus is very on-time.

Because the ticket machine next to the driver will show the time of each station, it will also show that there is still a few minutes to arrive the next station.If it is exceeded, the time will become plus minutes, let the driver know that it has been delayed.

Berchtesgaden  - Königssee 

When arrived Berchtesgaden bus station, you should transfer to bus 841 or 842.

First of all, share a message with you, there is also a free toilet here.

First look for the Burger King. There are two doors next to the Burger King, which are the male and female toilets.

But only one person can use it at the same time. When it's occupied, the door is locked, and others can only wait outside.

Next bus (No. 841/842) is also waiting for the same platform which you get off from No. 840.

Both No. 841 and 842 can take. The only difference is that No. 842 is an Express bus. There are fewer stops. If you find No. 842, you can choose it first.

We are taking bus No. 841 at 10:15

And it takes about 10 minutes or so.

Although we came to the super beautiful Königssee, the weather is not good today, it is a rainy day.

Königssee Cruise

Although the cost of taking a bus is very cheap, only €10.2.

However, the Königssee cruise is more expensive.

In order to protect the ecology of Königssee, the boats here are all electric boats.

It is very quiet when running, and no diesel smell. Feel high quality of this cruise.

First of all, you have to go to the ticket shop to buy tickets. When you come in summer, you can take the Salet and walk to the farther lake, Obersee.

But in winter, because the lake inside may freeze, you can only arrive St. Bartholomä and see the onion church.

One person's ticket is € 18.5 (from 2018), credit card or cash are accepted.

If you have a child, you can choose a family ticket, which is cheaper than buying an adult ticket and a child ticket (6~17 years old).

The time of first and last boat are fixed. Other interval are about 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the number of people.

Please find below link for up-to-date information (timetable and ticket price are various each year)


However, it should be noted that the journey from Salet back to Königssee is about 1 hour, and from St. Bartholomä back to Königssee is 40 minutes.

So pay attention to the time when returning, don't get too late to miss the final bus bus.

Because the latest No. 840 bus back to Salzburg is 18:15.

So taking 17:30/17:44 of No. 842 bus from Königssee, then you can take the final bus of No. 840 bus in time.

I can only say that Königssee is really beautiful. If you have time in Salzburg, you must arrange a day trip to ensure that you will be worthwhile.

Just use a series of beautiful Königssee photos to make an Ending~

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