20 August, 2019

Is it too late when you arrived in Taiwan on the first day? Or do you have to take the early flight back to your country the next day?

For the convenience of the journey, it is recommended to stay nearby Taiwan Taoyuan Airport(TPE) for one night, and this will be more convenient for your itinerary on the next day.

However, the hotels near the airport are often expensive . So how to arranging accommodation near the airport but a cheaper choice? Or free airport shuttle bus? Or the hotel near to the airport MRT (Taoyuan Metro) station?

Here, from Taiwanese's viewpoint, I will sort out the budget and best accommodation plan for you to stay a night nearby TPE airport.

The transportation to/from Taiwan Taoyuan Airport (TPE)

In general, it is more convenient for passengers to get to Taoyuan Airport by taking the Taiwan High Speed Rail and the airport MRT (Taoyuan Metro).

Transportation of the Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR)

THSR is a fast and convenient way of the trans-island travel linking north to south of Taiwan.

But if you stay in south of Taiwan and would like to take flight in the morning next day, you need to chew it over.

Per high-speed rail timetable, the first train from Zuoying (Kaohsiung) / Tainan  to Taoyuan is the train 0300.

Assuming that you take the first train, and you will arrive at Taoyuan station at 07:26am. You may catch the MRT at 7:32/7:41,.

So that you can arrive at Taoyuan Airport Staion at 7:51/7:57. You may reserve one and half-hours for check-in, and then you can take any flight which departure after 9:30am in the earliest.

Outbound Link: Taiwan high-speed rail timetable search

Transportation of the Taoyuan Airport MRT

At present, the earliest direct train of airport MRT bounded from A1 station (the Taipei Main Station) to A13 station (the Airport Terminal 2 Station) arrive A13 station at 6:39am.

If your stay in A21 station (the Huanbei Station) which is another terminal station of Airport MRT, you can take the first train at 6:05am and arrive at A12 station (the Airport Terminal 1 Station) at 6:36am.

Again, you may reserve one and half-hours for check-in when you get the airport, and then you can take any flight which departure after 8:10.

Extended inquiry: Taoyuan Airport MRT timetable search

Budget accommodation list

Luckynews Classic Hotel [Check Price]

Room Rates: NTD$ 1600 ~ 1800 / double room
Free Shuttle Bus: (two times per room)
to the Airport (drop-off at 24hr; pick-up at 17-24),
to the high-speed rail (at 13-23)
Breakfast: Included (meal box for hotel guests in early morning)

The Luckynews Classic Hotel is my favorite choice, because of its budget rate, and it will provide free shuttle bus/pick-up services to the airport or high-speed rail (at most two times).

In my case, I can take the high-speed rail to the Taoyuan and stay for one night via hotel shuttle bus from THSR, and then take the free shuttle bus to the airport on the next day.

Breakfast would be provided when you stay in this hotel. For those who check out in the early morning, they will provide the meal box for you to take away. This is a very intimate service~

However, there is some status of the hotel that you should be aware of when you chose this one. The traffic noise would be out loud if your room is arranged on the lower (2nd~3rd) floor which is nearby viaduct (light sleeper people may have to consider this situation). If your room is arranged on a high floor, there is no such problem.

Besides, the cleanliness of the room is passable, but don't expect too much. Because I think it is an convenience and temporal place for you to stay just one night, to let you in good spirits on the next day and start your journey. Thus my request is not very high.

Please refer to below photo of hotel shuttle. You can find the hotel logo on the bus.

The Cloud Hotel - Zhongli branch hotel [Check Price]

Room Rates: NTD$ 1300 ~ 1500 / double room
Free Shuttle Bus: None. The hotel is located nearby A21 station of Airport MRT and it’s about 3 minutes’ walk.
Breakfast: Included (served from 7:00 to 9:30)

If you want a cheaper rate than the Luckynews Classic Hotel, then you can choose the Cloud Hotel. Despite it does not serve a free shuttle bus, the hotel is located nearby A21 station of Taoyuan Airport MRT and it’s about 3 minutes’ walk.

There is also a convenient store near the hotel, so you can buy some snacks to eat at midnight.

In my experience, when I went to Los Angeles by Hong Kong Airlines, I chose to stay in this hotel. In that time, my flight took off at 8:00am, and I took the first MRT train to the airport in the morning and check-in in time.

Because I left before 6:00 in the early morning and the breakfast was served from 7:00 to 9:30. Therefore, I didn't have breakfast at that time.

The below photo showed that when you going out the A21 station of MRT, you can see the hotel's signboard is located there behind you on the right. (Short distance~)

Hub Hotel [Check Price] [Pick-up plan in official website]

Room Rates: NTD$ 1980 ~ 2208 / double room
Free Shuttle Bus: Only available in official website plan for free one shuttle bus service.
Breakfast: Options (served from 7:00 to 10:30)

(Photo Source: Hub Hotel official website)

I found information about this hotel on the internet; it was a newly opened hotel in 2017. Overall the hotel looks quite simple and clean.

Currently, you could have the service of free airport pick-up or drop-off once, only via booking on the official website.

Notice that if you need the pick-up service in the period from midnight (23:00) to next morning (6:00), and then you will need to pay an extra fee of 50 NTD$.

Then, you may wonder how to go to the hotel from THSR Taoyuan station, if you only have one free shuttle bus? You could take the free shuttle bus of THSR, the high-speed rail express bus No. 170, the route is from THSR Taoyuan station to Zhongli and free of charge.

You can wait in line on the 3rd platform for bus No. 179. Get off the bus at stop of SOGO department store (Xinsheng Road), and walk to the hotel.

This seems to be kind of troublesome, but it is free. Besides, the route takes about 20 minutes, and the last bus would be set off at 23:55.

Lütel Hotel [Check Price]

Room Rates: NTD$ 1300 (shared bathroom); 1900 ~ 2000 (private bathroom) / double room
Free Shuttle Bus: None. The hotel is located nearby A18 station of airport MRT and THSR Taoyuan Station and it is about 15 minutes’ walk.
Breakfast: None

(Photo Source: Booking.com double room with private bathroom)

The room rate of the hotel is much cheap, and it is more like a youth hostel.

You can choose the single room, double room, suite, and other room types.

It is the cheapest if you choose the double room which the bathroom is shared. Beware that the room size is much compact.

However, if you just need someplace to take a rest, and then this one is a good choice.

You can make toast which is free on your own, after 23:00. If you are hungry at midnight, you can still have something to fill up your stomach.

When you choose this hotel, it is also without pick-up service. Thus, you have to go to the A18 station or THSR Taoyuan station by walk.

The distance between Lütel Hotel and A18 station is about 15 minutes’ walk. Fewer people were walking on the street at midnight or early morning; this may be suitable for backpackers.

Without a doubt, if you don't want to walk, you can also ask the staff help you to hail a taxi.

Higher-priced Hotel

If you are not satisfied with the above accommodation, and then you may need a hotel at a high level.

Then you can continue to see the information about the hotel.

City suites Gateway [Check Price]

Room Rates: NTD$ 2600 ~ 2800 / double room
Free Shuttle Bus: None. The hotel is located nearby A15 station (Dayuan Station) of Airport MRT, and it is about 5 minutes’ walk.
Breakfast: Included (served from 6:00 to 10:00) (meal box for hotel guests in early morning)

(Photo source: Booking.com)

This is the favorite accommodation to stay for group or business guests.

Occasionally, you can see the plane taking off and landing at this hotel because it is located near the airport. It is also near the MRT station, and breakfast is provided in the morning.

There are good functions and services in this hotel, like the conveniently located and breakfast provided. In addition, seeing the plane taking off or landing is some sort of welfare to the aviation fans in good weather.

The hotel is located nearby A15 station (Dayuan Station) of Taoyuan Airport MRT, and it is about 5 minutes’ walk. You can also let the staff help you to hail a taxi, and the charge of the taxi is about NTD$ 200.

Orchard Park Hotel [Check Price]

Room Rates: NTD$ 3800 ~ 4200 / double room
Free Shuttle Bus: Yes [Detailed Information]
Free pick-up service is provided at the main building. The pick-up service at one way is provided at the annex building.
Breakfast: Optional (Served from 6:30 to 10:00)

(Photo source: Booking.com)

The Orchard Park Hotel is currently undergoing renovations, so it has not yet fully opened to serve customers. Consequently, it is recommended that you need to confirm before making a reservation.

The biggest feature of The Orchard Park Hotel is the crystal church design, which is a four-star hotel.

This hotel was opened in 2010, yet they continued to renew and repair the room. Making this hotel still looks novel.

There is children's play pool of Hape Muledy on 3rd floor, and this can make children blow off steam and energy via playing building block and sand in the pools.

There are also free pick-up services to the airport or THSR, and you don't worry about the early morning flight because of the first shift of pick-up is available at 4:00.

Fullon Hotel MRT A8 [Check Price]

Room Rates: NTD$ 3700 ~ 4000 / double room
Free Shuttle Bus/Pick-up Services: None. The hotel is co-constructed with A8 station (Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Station) of Taoyuan Airport MRT.
Breakfast: You can have the option which having breakfast or not. (Served from 6:30 to 10:00)

(Photo source: Official website of Fullon Hotel)

If you want a novel hotel or you want someplace with fewer group guests.

Then, you can choose the Fullon Hotel MRT A8 which opened in June 2016. This hotel is co-constructed with the A8 station of Taoyuan Airport MRT, which means you will arrive at the A8 station and the hotel at the same time.

Besides, The Global mall was stand next to the hotel. It is convenient for you to eat and buy stuff.

The Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Station (A8) is one of the stops for Taoyuan Airport MRT direct train, so you can take the earliest direct train at 6:06am, and then you can arrive at the airport terminal 1 at 6:20am or the terminal 2 at 6:24am.

The price of this hotel is between City Suites Gateway and Novotel Taipei Taoyuan International Airport.

Novotel Taipei Taoyuan International Airport [Check Price]

Room Rates: NTD$ 4000 ~ 5800 / double room
Free Shuttle Bus: Yes [Pick-up Service Timetable]
Breakfast: Optional. (Served from 5:30 to 10:30)

(Photo source: Official website of Novotel Taipei Taoyuan International Airport)

Here, I introduce the last hotel is, of course, the most expensive, yet it was also the best in quality and service.

This hotel is located at the A14a station (Airport Hotel Station) of Taoyuan Airport MRT, and there have also free shuttle bus services, so it is conveniently located.

The earliest shuttle bus would be at 5:30 in the morning and arrive at the airport in less than 10 minutes. Therefore, you can even take the flight around 7:00 in the morning.

Because of its quality and service, without a doubt, the price is a bit higher. It depends on how you choose between quality and price.

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